Product Programme

We have a wide programme on screws and bolts. If you don´t find what you are looking for, contact us on:

phone 29438015


Our main groups are the following:

  • Boltwares in ZN plated, TZN and stainless steel in class 8.8,10.9 and 12.9.
  • Threaded Bars size M6-M24 in stainless A2 and A4.
  • Threaded Bars in TZN cl. 8, M8-M36 and special enquiries up to M60.
  • Roof and front screws in zn plated, including colored heads and stainless.
  • Anchors for proffessional and private use.
  • Dynaplus universal screws, hardwood screws.
  • Rigifix – a unique fastening for light walls.

Besides the products listed above, we can obtain many special products of fastenings, in other materials and shapes..

So, contact us and we will be of service.