Dynaplus – The best programme on screws on the market.

The Dynaplus platform consists of:

  • Universal outdoor screws
  • Hardwood screws (terrace screws)
  • Zn plated screws (indoor)

Dynaplus is a new, better and less expensive alternative to stainless screws.

Dynaplus screws has AR-surface treatment, which makes it very resistant against corrosion/rust.

Furthermore, the special design of the point and the broken thread, makes the assembley faster and eysier.

Dynaplus has many advantages:

  • A unique placement of cut ribs ensures a clean recess without damage.
  • A patented twist prevents splitting and makes pre-drill unnecessary.
  • Parabolic point ensures a quick start.
  • SKT II patented.
  • The Dynaplus screw complies with the demands on the salt spray test (influence by salt for more than 2000 hours)
  • The only screw on the market which is C4 approved. This means that it can be used in areas near the coast and in harsh indoor enviroment. For more information – click on the link below.
  • Has been tested better than stainless A2

For more information see: http://www.dynaplus.nl/91/Danish.html?languageID=8