Bolts – for CE marked steel construction

To ensure correct developement and manufacturing of steel constructions, the EU has determined EN 1090.

Under the norm, DS/EN 1090-2 certain standards are expected for bolts and nuts. These are divided into 2 norms: Preloaded and non Preloaded.

DS/EN is a European standard, which has status as a Danish standard: Bolts – for CE marked steel construction.

DS/EN 14399/preloaded:

The preloaded bolts must live up to the standard EN14399.

In this category, there are bolts, nuts and washers. These can be ordered on enquiry.

They can be supplied in black and TZN from M12 – M64 all class 10,9.

DS/EN 15048/non preloaded:

Non preloaded bolts must live up to the standard EN 15048 either based on ISO 4014 or 4017, class 8,8 and supplied either in zinc or TZN.

BC Technic has EN 15048 in range, see the outline of the next page.

It is guaranteed that all bolts live up to the by EU determined standards. Bolts and nuts are delivered in the original boxes. The boxes are marked:

  • CE-marking
  • Lot number
  • Marked witth EN 15048-1 standard
  • SB marking
  • Dimension
  • Classification/description
  • Product discription (for bolts ISO standard – ISO 4014 or 4017 and for nuts ISO 4032).